Billioneers in crisis.


Alisher Uzmanov was 10th in last year all-russian billioneer’s rating. His capital was estimated as 4,5 bln.dollars.
This year rating placed Uzmanov as 7th with 12,4 bln.

The crisis added to his worth almost 8 bln.
And now the russian could easily pay off for possible takeover bid.
As he grew rich for 15 Arsenal takeover bids just for the last year.

Kroenke made a losses and now has 6 times less worth than the russian.

Roman Abramovich also grew rich — from 13,9 to 17 bln.
Only 25%, but Chelsea is still in rich hands.
And the only CFC concern is owner’s desire.

In general russian government spent 350 bln. dollars for anticrisis actions.

During this time the quantity of russian billioneers grew from 49 to 77.

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