There is only one Arsene Wenger.



Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger did not reinvest his summer transfer profits because he believes he has the squad to compete with the best in the Premier League.

«That money is for me. I know how much I have and I am happy with it.

«But last week we played Wigan. We won 4-0 and on the bench I had (Nicklas) Bendtner. (Theo) Walcott, (Andrey) Arshavin, (Samir) Nasri, Denilson and (Johan) Djourou were not playing.

«Do we have the squad to compete with the other (Big) four? I say yes. We have an unbelievable squad. Where do you put all the talented players?

«I believe we can show that we are not in a position where we need to buy. For me, we are in a position where we want to transform our potential into being real Premier League contenders.»


«I have been criticised for not hiring Xabi Alonso or Gareth Barry. But if I signed them, I would have killed Song, Diaby and Denilson,»

«My team is ready to play a Champions League final. Why not winning it? We have more assets this year than the last one, because we have more certainties and more mental strength.

but I have a pact with the young players of my team, and I want to succeed with that bet,»


«You know there is potential in this team and it’s down to me to get it out. Ageing is also a state of mind.
I don’t know how long I will manage the team. From now on I have to assess every two years because this job is hands-on.»


«I believe this team has a big future,» he told reporters at a press conference today. «It’s not the first time I say that but we know.

«We have improved the belief, we have improved our results. But we know we haven’t won anything yet.

«It’s all in front of us and that’s what we want to show this season.»


«The last four years have been the most challenging period of my career,» Wenger said, according to The Sun.

«But it is not linked with not winning a trophy.

«Moving into a new stadium and keeping the team at the top means, for me, my best period has been in the last four years.


I hope that this squad will still be together in five years and they will dominate Europe and the league in England,”


(after 4-1 vs Portsmouth)

«We were very up for it in midfield and dominated where, a few weeks ago, people thought we were not capable of that,» said Wenger.

«I am not surprised at what we’ve done since Chelsea. When we lost 3-0 I think people at that time didn’t believe what I said. It’s good.

«It shows that not only I can be wrong, but you can all be wrong too.”


Wenger — Transfer window gives me a dilemma

«It’s true that we have problems with our strikers. Even I say that. Everybody tells me to buy strikers, but when I look at the League, nobody has scored more goals than us.”


Wenger: We are still in a very good position

«I believe we have the unity, the desire, the spirit and I know that before this game there will be a lot of scepticism around us but I believe in my players and in their spirit. We will show that.»


Arsène Wenger rates Champions League success ahead of winning five League Cups

“If you win the League Cup you cannot say you win trophies for me,” he said.

We’re here to win trophies, but it depends on what you call trophies,” said Wenger.

“Is it the Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup? We’ve just qualified from the group stage in the Champions League for the tenth consecutive season.

«That, for me, is three times as difficult as winning the League Cup five times. I know what’s difficult and what’s not.”

Asked if third place in the Premier League was better than winning the FA Cup or Carling Cup, he added: “Of course. It’s much more difficult. I want to win trophies and, like the fans, I’m frustrated if I don’t. But it doesn’t mean the rest of the season has been completely useless.

“Of course [finishing third is better than winning a domestic cup]. It’s much more difficult.

«It’s not enough because you want to win trophies. But it doesn’t say: ‘oh what a terrible season that was.’ We’ve just qualified from the group stage in the Champions League for the tenth consecutive season.

«That is, for me, three times as difficult as winning the League Cup five times. I know what’s difficult and what’s not difficult.”


Arsenal are good enough to win the Premier League title, says Arsene Wenger

«We have improved on the maturity side. We played with class and spirit and kept our nerve in the important moments which will only strengthen our belief in future games.»


«I felt this year I must win a trophy and I believe we are very close,» he said.

«I believe it is very difficult at the moment in England to stay at the top because you have so many teams who have quality and are threatening.

«The first challenge is to stay at the top, then it is about winning the trophy, the League or the Champions League. The rest is cups and that is not exactly the same. The real quality is to win the championship or the Champions League.

«The competition is very high just to stay at the top level and that is a target that not everybody thought we would reach. We have not reached it yet so of course we will assess it.

«It will be a decisive year next year for this team, that is for sure.»


«I feel we have made huge steps forward this year compared to last year and the year before that.

«We are not far away. We were fighting for the Championship and missed the key moments against Barcelona to knock them out of the Champions League quarter-final.

«I know we have to answer the demands of the people. But this year I feel we have appeased our fans a lot. We have always shown a great attitude, a great response when needed.

«We have convinced people that we are making progress. At the start of the season we were being written off, so we have improved.»

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